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Maker’s Mark “Farm to Table”


You can visit the Maker’s Mark distillery anytime of the year and have a truly wonderful experience. Find your way to Loretto, Ky on a crisp Fall day and you’ll never want to leave.  As the art director and animator I wanted to concept a picturesque scene for sipping bourbon in the Fall.

Picking a color palette that reflected the rich oranges, yellows, and reds of the bourbon–coupled with a distinct illustration-style helped give it that hand-made quality so essential to the Maker’s Mark brand.

The synchronization of the camera-move and the liquid tendrils made it difficult to do any straight-ahead animation. The 2d scene was modeled in C4d where each item was rendered as a png-sequence and brought into photoshop where I drew the liquid transformations frame by frame. Using the guide layers free’d me from thinking about timing and spacing–and let me draw accurate, detailed frames–eliminating the need for multiple passes.

Draft-render of the 3d scene and reference guides.

Cel-animation stage.

Central Bank Web Design

Central Bank is amongst Kentucky’s largest small-town banks.  Think mega-bank sophistication with a neighborly personality.  As the art director and designer for their 2016 web build, I used such insights to define an ethos of Kentucky luxury – genuine lifestyle imagery marked by modern typography.